GhostMOO: Foes

Lions, and tigers, and bears--oh my!


Those who allow the absurd "killer sunflower" appearance of a belliflora lull them into a sense of security soon find themselves being digested in its central husk system.


The perpetually rabid dog-monster, cainids travel alone or in packs, generally displaying canine behaviour with the exception of their burrowing. Woe be unto the aspiring crystal hunter who happens upon a cainid burrow unawares.

Executioner Bird

Named for the cowl of black feathers about his head and shoulders, the flightless executioner bird uses powerful talons and a shredding beak to rip its foes into little tweety-sized pieces.


Rodents of Unusual Size (rhymes with "louse") were plucked from the books of lore and deposited onto the Ghostwheel plain to provide fodder for the beginning adventurer. Their hides are scented with their own foul excrement.


Though barely a meter in height, the stature of the diminutive slisssh belies a terrible hive-minded fury of alien origin. Their dark sepia exoskeleton is mottled with orange splotches often mistook for eyes on their skull. Retractable jaws and a deadly swift tail discourage close inspection.

Although the slisssh habitat is small (in the maze of service corridors beneath the prime R/T base), they have been known to attack in hoards numbering over a hundred. Extreme caution is advised.

Waste Titan

The massive waste titans serve as wardens of the Tartarus sector--a "prison" of unknown origin. Those who've managed to escape its confines describe the titans as at least double a normal human's size, armoured with rippling musculature, and possessed of clawed fists like unto lion heads.

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