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G+ Repost: Disney v. Lucasfilm

Posted by Quinn

Beginning a series of copy-pastes of my comments posted on Google+, since few people read G+, and the comments are usually buried so deep that even fewer people will read them, and the ones I pick are usually worth a wider audience.  Like  Yeah.  I probably have a larger audience than Google's social network.  SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

Anyhoo, this was one of those flash-polls on the Star Wars group.  Two buttons with two logos: Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd.  Of course, 90% of respondents are Lucas fanfilk{sic} with no cognisance of movie history.  So, after reading too many comments containing "not even in the same league", I click Disney and opine:

No, they're not in the same league. Disney revolutionized and popularized animation as an art form. Lucas was at the right place at the right time with a few reels of Kurosawa and a worn copy of "The Power of Myth".

Disney also owns companies that have produced some of the greatest films of the past century that have nothing to do with princesses and anthropomorphized fauna.

Full credit to Lucasfilm for all they've accomplished (that I've omitted), but they really can't compare to Disney-- not even purely on the basis of an art-to-shit ratio. I'm glad Disney is now at the helm of Star Wars, and that Lucas is where he belongs-- navigating in the map room.



Dusk Of Defiance

Posted by Quinn

The narrative catalyst that brought about the ultimate physical separation of my wife from myself -- when she texted me from Rochester threatening to never bring the children back unless I vacated our rental home -- was a story I wrote about a character in a Star Wars role-playing game I'd started playing on the advice of my therapist.  To start doing some of my "own" things.

Apparently, to her,  it resembled too closely our real family, and she took offense, or was frightened, or merely offended or annoyed, but, in any case-- we are not "we" any longer, nor ever shall be again.

I admit I was a bit of a mess becoming messier when this bomb was dropped, but in the past half-year, I've cleaned up.  I'm with a good woman.  I'm not as impulsive and reckless as some might say I had been.  Not as many entertaining stories, but then, I don't live to amuse "you", eh?

In the course of becoming a better person who is always a worse person when tomorrow's version glances back at him, my "free" time has diminished, and I've left that group of role-players.  That group of fellow Star Wars geeks are closer friends to me than nearly any of the others in my orbit who hold that title.   When my wif-- when I was involuntarily placed into a mental hospital, all but one of the non-family callers were part of that group.

As such, they deserved more than an unexplained cessation of my semi-monthly visits.   Here it is, reposted from its permanent location within our campaign files at Obsidian Portal.

My character is (was) Kelyn Langolier.   When we meet him, he's a smuggler.  A scoundrel.   His father killed himself when Kelyn was on the cusp of adolescence, willing him The Spelljammer -- a modified starship with a weird and ancient engine that was stolen by a group of  Trandoshan slavers.

As an adult, while Kelyn was off-world working as a legitimate "Space Trucker", his wife turned up the gas and went to bed with their two daughters.  None of them woke up.

Or so he thought.

Due to some dark pedigree of Force-sensitivity unbeknownst to Kelyn, the Imperial Inquisitors orchestrated the murder of Kelyn's wife, but left clones in place of his abducted daughters, making it appear to be a murder-suicide resulting from the depression of a wife left behind once too often by a trucker trying to make ends meet.

Kelyn's daughters -- Adria and Bella -- were tutored by Grand Inquisitor Draco as Sith "witches".  Kelyn turned to smuggling, then stumbled upon the "Dawn of Defiance" -- the period between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" wherein Senator Bail Organa is funding the nascent rebellion against the growing Empire.  Eventually, he recovered his birthright starship, and his companions redeemed and returned his daughters to him.

If you're a fellow Star Wars geek, you'll love it.  I hope.  If you're not, you might still like it.  If you're my please-soon-to-be-ex-wife, you'll probably think it's more about real life than it is.

In any case, here it be: a future-long-time-ago shock that will shit you up.  Enjoy.

Well, I say "Enjoy."