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In Other News

Posted by Quinn

We had a great role-playing session Saturday night.  I found a group through and we're playing the "Dawn of Defiance" campaign for the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG.  It was mostly combat this week, but quite involved with some good character twists.

The campaign has a section on Obsidian Portal.  I took a lot of notes in anticipation of doing a writeup from my character's perspective.  Our GM gives us an extra 100XP if we do it, but I usually only bother if things were interesting for my character.  So, I stayed up Saturday night into 3AM Sunday morning writing up a play-by-play of the session.

Besides role-playing, I've re-invested myself in my old website,  It's been years since I've done an update.  Lately, I've prettied it up and slapped on some explicit sex ads from  A generous visitor to the site sent me an email asking about something he'd bought.  It was a German version of a Tijuana Bible titled Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge.  That's Snow White to the rest of us.

He gave me permission to post it, and so I did.  With the help of Google, I attempted a translation of the libretto, with some hilarious results.

You can check it out at the site.  It's linked in the bottom menu here.  I won't link it directly into the post, as it's got some explicit content and I'd rather not have you stumble over Popeye ramming his cock straight up through Olive Oyl's mouth in case the kids are in the room with you.