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MAOI Stage 4 – Crash!

Posted by Quinn

I sat in a pool of milk and wondered how it got on the floor.  I knew I'd spilled it on the countertop trying to pour it into my cereal, but how did it get all over the floor?  I stood, shakily, and saw that the half-gallon cardboard container of organic whole milk was tipped over, as was my cup of cereal.  Milk was everywhere, soaking boxes, creeping under the toaster, dribbling into the sink.

Wednesday afternoon, my psychiatrist upped my dose of Parnate to 10mg four times a day.  He said I could start immediately, and that some people take two in the morning and two at night.  That'd be a lot more convenient  and better distributed than the three times a day I had been doing: 8AM, 1-2PM, 5-6PM.

After the appointment, around 2PM, I took my second of the day.  When I got home, I waited, as I sometimes did, and took the double-dose right before putting the kids to bed between 8PM and 9PM.   The eldest was sick (just getting over it), so the youngest went separately in our bed, and didn't take too long.  Then downstairs to put the sickie down.

Around 11PM, I rolled out of her bed for a snack.  Nothing wrong yet.  Got to the kitchen, grabbed my glass (I eat cereal in drinking cups), poured some knockoff Wegmans brand of Cinnamon Life, got the milk, began to pour, then...I started to lose consciousness.  Not straight-away faint, but light-headed, and the milk wasn't hitting its target.

So, I slumped down to the floor to give my head a rest, then rose a few minutes later and tried again, but now the carton was tipped over, the glass was tipped over, milk was everywhere, and my ass was wet.  I grabbed paper towels, then towels from the dirty basket, then took off my shirt and wiped with that.  I may have tried another few times to make cereal, but ended up just eating a few scoops of the dry stuff after sopping up most of the milk, then gave up and put everything away.

The light-headedness lasted for a few more hours.  By Thursday, the next morning, it was gone, tested by my wet-shaving with the safety razor and taking a shower.  I went to work, and all seemed well.

That day, I waited until noon for my first 10MG, then another when I got home, then another around 11PM.  Today I did the usual 8/2/5 and I'll try the fourth as late as possible tonight.  Maybe Sunday, when nobody has anywhere to go, I'll try the 2/2 morning/night schedule.

All this after I'd told the doc "No, no light-headedness at all!" when he'd asked about what is a common side-effect of the drug.

In any case, my mood does seem somewhat improved on it, and it's only been a little over three days since I began the initial 10MG/day dose.  This is the worst side-effect I've ever had on an anti-depressant.  Not the most interesting (that would be the chronic wet dreams), but the worst.

Maybe it was an empty stomach, maybe it was the combination of my nightly 1MG of Klonopin.  I dunno.  We'll see.  I'll be careful.


MAOI Stage 2

Posted by Quinn

I ate one bite of the pesto, then went to check the jar.  Grana Panado cheese.  It seems to be an aged cheese, so I erred on the side of caution and didn't eat the dinner, which kinda pissed me off because the kids hardly touched theirs, either, and thus my wife's dinner-making effort was wasted tonight.

The one bite doesn't seem to have done anything.  "Thank God I only took a tiny [bite]."

As I was Googling "Grana Panado", I found yet another MAOI dietary restriction list.  This one included pickles.  Pickles?  WTF, man.

This is the last day of twice-daily.  Tomorrow is thrice-daily, so I'll be filling up a pill bottle for work to take with my Provigil around noontime.

Nothing good or bad to report yet, except that the morning stomach upset seems to have gone away.  As for the bad, I've been pretty damned cautious about what I ingest.  As for the good, that can take weeks, as I well know from my decades of experience with anti-depressants, and I'm only now starting the full dosage.


MAOI Stage 1

Posted by Quinn

The first four days are done.  Tomorrow I start 10mg twice a day.  Four days of that, then the (presumably) final thrice daily.  I suppose I won't really have 20mg in my system until tomorrow evening.

So far, the only ill effects have been an upset stomach in the morning that goes away after breakfast and towards noontime.

I'm keeping track of my food and drink intake at the MAOI Ingestion Log above.  No "hypertensive crises" yet, but I'm being pretty cautious about what I eat and drink.  Still haven't tried the Pepsi Max.  We ordered Chinese for the sickies last night (everyone but myself has a cold) and I was afraid to eat anything lest MSG or soy overload cause my head to explode.  I had a few hot tuna salad sandwiches instead.

As for positive effects?  None of those yet, either.  I'm still feeling the SNRI withdrawal and a bit of anxiety and the usual depressive rifts in the fabric of sane reality.  It takes a few weeks to see a change, so stay tuned.