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Rogaine Log

My hair's been thinning on the crown for a while.  I don't mind being bald-- I actually dig my widow's peak, which has been receding since my early twenties.   I blamed my long hair being  pulled back into a pony tail, but it was probably the inevitable curse of genetics.  Psh.  To think people complain about things like cancer when there is a terrifying epidemic of male-pattern baldness crippling the egos of middle-aged creepers the world over.


Anyhoo, it's the comb-over aesthetic of the thinning crown that bothers me.  I'd go back to my Walter White shave-job, but I'm afraid I'll have Gorbachev Island in the shallow of my stubble if  I miss a few days.

This log will chronicle my results.  I'm a little late starting it, but not much has happened  in these first month.  I'll try to update monthly (comment/email if I don't)  or whenever something significant happens.

How It Began

Had a cat for a few months.  Heard Rogaine (AKA Minoxidil) kills cats on contact.  The cat was adopted by a neighbor due to circumstances beyond the scope of this page.   I was free to embark on my hair growth journey without fear of feline fatalities.

About $50 at Amazon.  My attempts at monetizing via an affiliate program are being thwarted by my impatience.  Click it to make me money.  Maybe.  Doubtful.

Anyway-- good deal, eh?  12-month supply.   Had to pause writing this to join their affiliate program-- worth a shot.  I'll let you know if I make any money.

How It Works

One dropper, shared between the bottles.  You squeeze out 1ml of the stuff, part the hair of your balding crown, and squirt.  I do it after a shower and a brisk towel-dry, and massage what I can into my fingers.  Wash hands, repeat.

"Results may be seen as soon as two months."   Usually four.   Hair loss may increase during treatment as old hair sacrifices itself to make way for newer, healthier hair.  Those brave damned follicles.

Some reviews speak of peach fuzz.   I await my hot fuzz.   Hell, anything to darken the scalp would help.


One Month

The instructional leaflet warned one may experience increased hair loss as the old falls out to make way for the new.  I haven't noticed that yet.  In fact, the hair already looks more "filled in" according to my kids.

I also started combing my hair with this really fine metal-toothed comb (don't judge me!).  I had not combed my hair in at least a decade.  It really did look better and kinda fuller afterward.

Still thinning, though.

A balding head.

My thinning crown as of 9/7/2014.


Two Months

Nothing significant to report.   Looks about the same.   Healthy hair around the bald patch sometimes makes it look more full, other times accentuates its dearth of brethren.

Look, I can't be bothered to take a fucking picture.  I'm trying to get drunk.  I'm very angry-feeling.  I started the two-week "Are you sure?" process of deleting my Facebook account.  Windows is being a cunt.

I'm still balding.

Fuck you, world.


Six-Plus Months

Still thin up there.  Doesn't look as sleazy with shorter hair, though.


Almost Annual

The original "Rogaine Log" post was published in September of 2014.  This being 2015-07-21, that makes almost a year of twice-daily Minoxidil application.

It may have delayed my balding and prevented more dramatic hair loss, but my mop don't seem much thicker on top.  I've asked my lil' bitches (9 and 12 y/o) if they see any difference, and they generally respond with a blunt negatory softened by smatterings of hem-haws such as "OK, maybe a little" and "yeah, I guess over here" and "well, from this angle".

I'll likely order another year's worth.

Might wanna kill a cat one day.

In any case, a significant loss of gut ballast (spurred by 6+ months of post-"traffic incident" sobriety) and the addition of a door-frame pull-up bar for impromptu flash-workouts has me looking better than I have in a few years, so my vanity's existence is still summat justified.



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