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G+ Repost: Disney v. Lucasfilm

Beginning a series of copy-pastes of my comments posted on Google+, since few people read G+, and the comments are usually buried so deep that even fewer people will read them, and the ones I pick are usually worth a wider audience.  Like  Yeah.  I probably have a larger audience than Google's social network.  SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

Anyhoo, this was one of those flash-polls on the Star Wars group.  Two buttons with two logos: Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd.  Of course, 90% of respondents are Lucas fanfilk{sic} with no cognisance of movie history.  So, after reading too many comments containing "not even in the same league", I click Disney and opine:

No, they're not in the same league. Disney revolutionized and popularized animation as an art form. Lucas was at the right place at the right time with a few reels of Kurosawa and a worn copy of "The Power of Myth".

Disney also owns companies that have produced some of the greatest films of the past century that have nothing to do with princesses and anthropomorphized fauna.

Full credit to Lucasfilm for all they've accomplished (that I've omitted), but they really can't compare to Disney-- not even purely on the basis of an art-to-shit ratio. I'm glad Disney is now at the helm of Star Wars, and that Lucas is where he belongs-- navigating in the map room.


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