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T-shirt depicting "Olaf" the snowman from "Frozen" with caption "I LIKE WARM HUGS".

Getting chilly for t-shirts, but the cold never bothered me, anyway.

Fun encounter with the fairer sex this morning. Went outside my apartment to the Farmer's Market that usually serves only to deprive me of parking on Friday night. Browsed a little, then to the java stand.  The pretty twenty-something compliments my "Frozen" shirt with a giggle and asks what I'd like.

"Well ... I've been craving a BBC.   A big--"

[beat, anxiety on her face]

"black ..."

[beat, eyes widen]

"... coffee."

She laughs. Funny she knew the acronym-- maybe she's on Craigslist.

Anyway, she pours, I explain I've been wanting to use it for a while. "Well, not use a BBC, but the joke." "You're BAAAAD."

She mentions the shirt again, I say, "Yeah, I watch it a lot with the girls. I mean, I don't watch BBC with them-- er, well, I do" "You're BAD this morning!" "I mean the British Broadcasting Corp."

She finishes pouring, but my cup runneth over.  I helpfully interject, "BBC ain't fitting in there, is it?"

She laughs again.

We smile, we part and I walk home in the cold September rain.


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  1. Quinn,

    It’s been a long while since I have sat and observed your scrabble in a smoke-filled room just off from the main bar.
    The bartender is lonely and serves drinks to the dust in the wind. So thirsty.

    Decades have gone, yet a Q10 is still special for some reason. Changes and no changes, you live.


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