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Water Damage Filtered Through Poe

My kitchen ceiling flooded yesterday.  Not sure how this poesy parody came to mind, but here it is.

Once upon a morning drizzly, while I hack-ed, gruff and grizzly,
O'er many quaint and curious statements of programmatic lore—

While I type-ed, buffers filling, suddenly there came a spilling,
As of something gently dripping, dripping on my kitchen floor—

"'Tis rain fallen," I muttered, "dripping on my kitchen floor—
        Only this and nothing more."

Ah, distinctly I remember that chill and bleak nascent October;
As each accursed drop of water merged legion 'pon the kitchen floor.

Raging thus the pool to shallow; —vainly I sought towels to swallow;
and from linen rack surcease of deluge—deluge from the upstairs Floor—

From the queerly lun'tic dweller on the upstairs Floor—
Nameless here for evermore.


Posted by Quinn

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