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MAOI Stage 2

I ate one bite of the pesto, then went to check the jar.  Grana Panado cheese.  It seems to be an aged cheese, so I erred on the side of caution and didn't eat the dinner, which kinda pissed me off because the kids hardly touched theirs, either, and thus my wife's dinner-making effort was wasted tonight.

The one bite doesn't seem to have done anything.  "Thank God I only took a tiny [bite]."

As I was Googling "Grana Panado", I found yet another MAOI dietary restriction list.  This one included pickles.  Pickles?  WTF, man.

This is the last day of twice-daily.  Tomorrow is thrice-daily, so I'll be filling up a pill bottle for work to take with my Provigil around noontime.

Nothing good or bad to report yet, except that the morning stomach upset seems to have gone away.  As for the bad, I've been pretty damned cautious about what I ingest.  As for the good, that can take weeks, as I well know from my decades of experience with anti-depressants, and I'm only now starting the full dosage.

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