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MAOI Stage 1

The first four days are done.  Tomorrow I start 10mg twice a day.  Four days of that, then the (presumably) final thrice daily.  I suppose I won't really have 20mg in my system until tomorrow evening.

So far, the only ill effects have been an upset stomach in the morning that goes away after breakfast and towards noontime.

I'm keeping track of my food and drink intake at the MAOI Ingestion Log above.  No "hypertensive crises" yet, but I'm being pretty cautious about what I eat and drink.  Still haven't tried the Pepsi Max.  We ordered Chinese for the sickies last night (everyone but myself has a cold) and I was afraid to eat anything lest MSG or soy overload cause my head to explode.  I had a few hot tuna salad sandwiches instead.

As for positive effects?  None of those yet, either.  I'm still feeling the SNRI withdrawal and a bit of anxiety and the usual depressive rifts in the fabric of sane reality.  It takes a few weeks to see a change, so stay tuned.

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