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Black Death

This was the ultimate RYO tobacco for me.

Here's a rough translation of the manifesto on the back of the package:

Black Death shag is a direct protest of smokers against strongly increasing intolerance.

Black Death smokers want to preserve their rights and avoid becoming social outcasts.

Black Death smokers keep the following principles:

  1. Smoking is a human right and must be respected in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  2. The choice to smoke must be respected across all borders;
  3. Attacking the rights of citizens who smoke creates a precedent for further intervention in the personal freedom and behaviour of all citizens;
  4. The relationship between smokers and non-smokers must be based on consideration, courtesy, tolerance, reciprocal respect, and freedom of choice and not on provincial claims and ordinances.

Black Death smokers want only to continue to enjoy, in peace, their right to smoke!

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  1. Sir – you are a god.

  2. If I were a god, I’d be able to properly format this WordPress post the first time, and properly attribute the manifesto so someone doesn’t think I did more than translate with the help of Google, and properly and promptly approve my comments instead of tailing my logs like a freaking idiot wondering if anyone is reading.

    More importantly, I’d have a closet full of Black Death to smoke!

    Now it’s Samson or Drum, and anyone who stocks those are out of my way. Few stores even carry unfiltered cigarettes except for the odious Camels, so in a pinch I buy Winstons and rip off the filters. The alternative (in such a pinch) is to buy one of the RYO tobaccos readily available, and that means prison tobacco like Bugler.

    Under just such circumstances on my way home today, I bought a pack of Winstons. $10.40!

    And they don’t even taste good, like a cigarette should.

  3. I tracked down the Dutch company that exported Black Death and managed to get an email through to them. I have been informed that the tobacco is no longer being produced. He suggested something called Black Devil, but I doubt I’ll have any luck getting that here in the US, either.

  4. Here I am again reading your brilliant content. Im hooked!

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